Environmental issues are at the forefront of Hotelis® concerns, namely in activities related to Technical Assistance, with high impacts on the consumption of gases and other materials.

The growth and development of the various departments within the company made evident the need to implement a set of strategies, in order to cause less environmental impact, practice responsible consumption of natural resources, and prevent pollution.

Our environmental commitments are:

Prioritize sustainable mobility;

Reduce the use of fluorinated gases, using a mixture of HFC+HFO that does not damage the ozone layer;

Prioritize reusable materials avoiding disposable materials, especially plastic;

Separate waste according to its nature and forward it to licensed operators, completing the Annual Integrated Waste Registration Map;

Promote workers awareness of efficient use of equipment, thus reducing electricity consumption.


Hotelis® has a protocol with several vocational training schools, where it welcomes interns to offer practical training in the real context of its various activities and technical areas.

Hotelis® has its own Training Plan, based on the evolution of qualifications and the improvement of the skills of its employees. This Training Plan aims to help its employees to fill the gaps in their knowledge, and acquire the necessary skills to progress in their careers.


Solidarity is one of our values. Hotelis® regularly supports numerous IPSS, Social Centers and Institutions, dedicated to causes such as the fight against poverty, social exclusion and inequality, or special support for groups of citizens at risk. On the other hand, Hotelis® complies with non-discriminatory practices in terms of employment opportunities, regardless of age, gender, nationality, academic background or disability.